Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Bermuda

Yesterday’s article in The Royal Gazette about the financial challenges faced by Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Bermuda was disappointing, but it is very encouraging to know that the situation is not so severe that the charity will have to shut down – at least, not at this stage.

While I am not familiar with and cannot speak to the finances and operations of this particular organisation, I do believe that charities, in general, should be run more like businesses – i.e. as though they are for-profit entities. This encourages more creative thinking and assertiveness in terms of fundraising, rather than a greater reliance on grants and funding from other sources. This is no small task and even businesses are being forced to find ways of tightening the purse strings and being more innovative in raising capital and turning a profit – let alone a “healthy” profit. However, this cultural shift will serve charities well in the long run and will make them even more vigilant in their decision-making about how resources are allocated.

Still, what struck me most about this story was that there are 100 children on a waiting list to be matched with a Big Brother or Big Sister, with most of the children being young boys. In my view, this provides an excellent opportunity for residents of Bermuda to get involved and make a difference. It would be particularly pleasing if a number of positive male role models contacted the organisation to offer support. If people are so concerned about addressing social issues on the island, surely, this is one way in which they can be part of the solution.

Even though I am in the UK, I will be passing this information on to friends and family to encourage their support. If individuals can’t assist directly, perhaps they know of at least one person who will. Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Bermuda can be reached at: 232-2802.


~ by Carol-Ann Simmons on June 9, 2011.

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