Good Morning, Bermuda!

Every now and then I like to have a peek at the local TV news programmes in Cayman. I used to go to the Caymans on business for the company I worked with before moving to the UK and I got to know the island very well; so I like to keep a finger on the pulse of what happens there. Watching the programmes, though, often leaves me thinking how much room there is for Bermuda to upgrade and broaden its local (news) programming.

Specifically, Bermuda needs a morning television show which is the equivalent of Cayman’s Daybreak programme. There are clips of broadcasts on their Cayman 27 website and you can see a current clip of Daybreak, here: Cayman 27 website.

Now, if memory serves me correctly, we used to have our own morning show in Bermuda ages and ages ago. Wasn’t it called Good Morning, Bermuda? And wasn’t the presenter Marlene B. Landy? She was very good, too. (Where is she now?) They used to have on a host of guests covering a variety of interests and issues in the community. I can remember getting ready for school in the mornings while watching it. (See how long ago it was?!!!)

Let’s bring an updated version of this show back to Bermuda. We can achieve a great deal with a well presented programme like this. I would like to see highly professional, well-spoken, and polished presenters who have broad appeal to the Bermuda public. The presentation and set should be first-rate, as well. Guests would run the gamit from the usual newsmakers to everyday Bermudians. (Yes, even our celebrity greeter Johnny Barnes!) They should be from all walks of life. There could be health and lifestyle segments. Cooking. Education. Community events. Business. Other topical issues to broaden horizons. You name it!!! (Okay! No, I’m not angling for a job as producer! Honest!)

A programme of this nature can really help to transform Bermuda. Actually, if done well, I think it has the potential to really bring Bermudians and residents, in general, together and help to make people more proud of the country and interested in what is going on around them. Having a website for the programme and the news channels, generally, would also be a welcome addition. Something that truly baffles me is that there is no online website for the news programmes we have already. A place like Bermuda really should have this! (Well, to be fair, I believe the Bermuda Broadcasting Company does have a website (, but the link has never worked when I have tried it, so I have no idea what is on it. VSB used to have a website, as well, but that seems to have disappeared by now, too.) To be able to go online and catch a glimpse of the newscasts would be excellent while abroad. In today’s world of such advanced technology, it is disappointing that Bermuda doesn’t have this. We should also consider the valuable marketing potential of such an initiative, matched with an online presence. People who have been to Bermuda or are planning a trip to the island could find such access very useful and we would have the ability to market the Bermuda “product”, accordingly. Such things definitely help to improve the image of the island.

Something to think about…and DO!….I know I’d like to wake up to “Good Morning, Bermuda”! How about you?


~ by Carol-Ann Simmons on November 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Good Morning, Bermuda!”

  1. VSB is at, but dim your brightness levels as someone decided that bright yellow would be an awesome colour for a news-based website.

    I agree with your thoughts on a morning program for Bermuda but don’t think that anyone’s willing or capable of producing such, particularly when getting advertising dollars seems to be so hard. Perhaps if someone simulcast such programme on both TV and Radio, advertisers may be willing to contribute.

    • today is Jan 15, 2013….I had the pleasure of speaking with Marlene quite by accident at a train station in Quantico Virginia. What a delightful lady…I also met her daughter as well…


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