Thank-you to all of you who participated in my research, either by completing my questionnaire or emailing me your thoughts and feedback. I have been moved and impressed by the overwhelmingly positive and constructive emails and comments I have received from so many of you. I have taken the time to reply to everyone who contacted me directly via email and hope there is no one I have left out.

My lack of blogging for the past month has been mostly deliberate. Much of what I have wanted to write has had to do with race and I did not want my opinion to influence the responses to the questionnaires in any way. I know that some of you who have written to me personally are interested in my own views concerning race in Bermuda and, again, I reserved comment. I was not required to do this, but it was a personal choice.

This project was for my undergraduate degree requirement. However, somehow, it seems to have taken on a life of its own and it is possible that I just might reopen and expand the research at a later time – post my degree. No promises, though. Right now, I have quite a few responsibilities and decisions as I am in the midst of preparing for the last of my final exams, wrapping up assignments (including my research report) and beginning the daunting task of packing, as I transition back to life in Bermuda. Lots and lots ahead!

I will likely comment further on the actual research report at a much later time, but for now what I do wish to say is that I appreciate the apparent honesty many people demonstrated, particularly with respect to the open-ended questions I posed at the end of the questionnaire. I did not set out thinking I could solve the racial problems in Bermuda. I am a bit long in the tooth to be so idealistic or naive. However, if this has been something that has made a few people think and maybe even act, then I am happy to have helped if it is at all constructive and positive. 

I chose the research topic because race relations is an issue that interests me and I wanted to find a way to integrate the subject with other areas of psychology that include individual differences, social psychology, and cultural psychology. There are some specific, narrower psychological themes that fall within these broader categories that interested me that I wanted to explore. I also knew I wanted to tackle a subject that concerns Bermuda and when it comes to race, I have been interested in hearing more from the broader white community, since this group has been generally quiet for various reasons.

When it comes to race relations in Bermuda, I believe more contructive approaches are needed in engaging people in the dialogue and helping to improve relationships between blacks and whites. It is clear to me that many whites have a great deal to say about the issue and more needs to be done to encourage people to share their opinions. It is an important step if blacks and whites are to learn more about each other and understand each other better, thus narrowing the racial divide on the island.

Much more on all of this another time, though.

For now, thank-you once again!!!


~ by Carol-Ann Simmons on November 8, 2008.

One Response to “Thank-You!!!”

  1. I’m glad you got lots of responses for your study and look forward to hearing more of what you have to say at a later date.

    Good luck with your exams!

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