Looking on the Bright Side

I’ve been a little grumpy.

My bloody telly went on the fritz! Now I have just a blank screen and perfect sound. This probably wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t living in a country where you must pay a TV licence annually and I wasn’t in the middle of watching some incredibly mind-numbing nonsense to unwind after an intense day of working on three major papers and a research proposal, simultaneously! (I will be so over the moon when my break arrives in a week’s time!)

Thanks to the sobering interventions of my sweet and calming 18 year old nephew who was chatting with me online last night, I think I’ve caught myself now. I adore my nephew. Simply adore him. I really do. (And just so my other nephews don’t get jealous – AND because it’s true – I must stress I love ALL of them to bits! lol!) My nephew, Naj, is in college in Canada and is wise beyond his years, that boy is, I swear. Anyhoo, last night was one of those moments where I had to wonder just who was the adult and who was the teenager as he told me, in his usual cool as a cucumber way, “Just calm down.” Trust me, the brevity and simplicity of his sage advice did give me a reality check.

So, I’ve woken up this morning refreshed and with a better attitude and I have reminded myself it’s just a telly and I need to be a bit more thankful. After all, some people don’t have tellies and at least I have sound which can hold me until I have time to get it to the store for repair. So, I’ve been (*ahem*) listening to BBC Breakfast as I tap away on my laptop. I’ve even been thinking of someone I know who is blind and is completely in tune with what’s on the tube just by hearing it, alone. (Yes, I know. It sounds so very I-grumbled-’cause-I-had-no-shoes-and-then-I met-a-man-with-no-feet sort of thing, but indulge me for the moment. It’s been a crazy week.)

Anyhoo, being so thankful and turning my lemons into lemonade lemon pie (much better!) has me thinking about something that pleased me in the papers recently. It was the announcement of recipients of the Bank of Bermuda Foundation’s slew of scholarships.

Well done to this year’s recipients! It is a pity that this story made the very bottom of the news items list in the online edition of The Royal Gazette, though. (C’mon, RG, you can do better than that!) Now, more than ever, the island needs to be reminded that we have many exceptional young Bermudians who hold the promise of a superb future and these sorts of announcements deserve top billing. We should be very proud when we read the backgrounds of these students who have done well academically and have set impressive goals for further achievement. There is no doubting that they will make a trememdous contribution to Bermuda in one way or another and this is extremely encouraging.

Something that I did notice, though, was that the scholarship list was dominated by females. I’ve gone over the list again and have counted only two male recipients – John Adcock and Jeoffrey Chrisnall. They deserve special congratulations. So, extra well done to you, gentlemen. The imbalance is worrying, though. Why are there so few male recipients? It would be interesting to find out the ratio of male to female applicants. I am wondering whether there really were a good pool of qualified male applicants who just happened to be edged out by higher performing female students; or if there just were not a satisfactory number of male students meeting the criteria or putting in applications. Whatever the case, I’m left with the feeling that male students need to be pushed harder. Still, it’s something good in the news and a reason to feel proud of our young people…

And now I’m off to watch listen to the news…


~ by Carol-Ann Simmons on September 5, 2008.

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