And…She’s Off!…

This little blog of mine has been sitting, unfurnished, in cyberspace for several months. Actually, I’d even venture to say it’s been “vacant” for about a year or so. Oh the shame. I know. But, then again, I’ve been busy. Busy living life and not feeling up to writing about it – not publicly, at least. However, I’ve now decided it’s time to move in – do a bit of interior decorating and get this blog a bit lived in. (Thankfully, minus the mortgage payments and land tax!…Now, there’s a topic!!!)

Trust me, I have no illusions about being some great writer, winning a blog award, or changing the world. I’m still busy, but I’ve just figured that for someone who is as opinionated as I am and who loves to talk and connect as much I do, a blog is most necessary. (I’m thinking they should have had blogs around when I was a kid and then my poor mother might not have had to endure every minute detail of my day when I got home from school; but as she did it with such adoration and encouragement, she surely brought it upon herself, eh?…and now you, dear reader!)

So, yes, I’m now, officially, a blogger.

Goodness! It doesn’t sound very appealing, does it? It smacks of some sort of sanitation job which, although a very necessary and honourable one, is not the glamourous image I was going for…

There’s no rhyme or reason to my musings. It’s whatever strikes my fancy. Knowing me, there is bound to be a bit of politics, psychology, human interest ramblings, and occasional humour for good measure, but all without the remotest intention of offending, of course; although that is bound to happen since we can’t keep each other happy all of the time on this little blue marble, try though we might.

Feel free to share your thoughts, but do be nice….Nice is good…  😉


~ by Carol-Ann Simmons on August 19, 2008.

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